Military Data Acquisition Systems Used for Private Security

Military Data Acquisition Systems Used for Private Security

The funding research receives from the military sector is a necessary evil, most of the times. Although devices born this way are designed to intimidate, destroy or produce some kind of damage, the side-effects of military research have a broad range of applications in everyday life and have changed the world, in a good way.

Just imagine that without the 1960’s project of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) we would not have the Internet as we know it today, and the list of military products turned into civilian commodities, continues with cell phones, GPS and even digital cameras.

The latest gadgets that were once destined just for space ships and military aircrafts are related to all kind of sensors and the information provided by these. Called data acquisition systems (DAQ), these are basically a combination of sensors and large data warehouses, recording in real time various parameters. Later, these can be used in algorithms which help increase safety or produce corrective measures, when necessary. Not going to far from the military aircraft industry, an expert in DAQ, Goethert, describes:

“ data acquisition and control systems are being used in a number of different military, commercial, and aerospace applications. Some of the larger aircraft manufacturers are using DAQ for real-time health monitoring of critical aircraft components, new aircraft structural flight-testing, as well as new aircraft system integration laboratories (SIL) labs. Many aerospace companies are adopting DAQ products for launch control, avionics logging and translation, and rocket/capsule ground applications”.

It becomes clear that this kind of devices increases safety exponentially, and most likely they will become the norm in passenger flights. DAQ systems can also be installed on airports, decreasing the time spent at the security check point and increasing the level of protection.

The sophisticated aviation industry benefits greatly from DAQ, but even more simpler problems, like the next day’s weather forecast can be improved by using the right data acquisition and information processing tools. With some pressure, intensity, humidity and temperature sensors, connected to a device that can communicate to a computer we can find out in real time the weather conditions and possible threats from any point across the globe where these sensors are installed. The meteorology applications that a specialized company offers include:


  • Weather and climate data acquisition as well as data processing for civilian and military use
  • Meteorological systems for aviation and road transport weather forecasting
  • Meteorological systems for upper atmospheric observations
  • Lightning detection systems and environmental data acquisition


As one can imply, these are very important for transportation, communication, logistics companies and even tourism, therefore DAQ systems can help prevent disasters caused by sudden changes in weather conditions, not only on air, but also on land.

When we think of personal security in the broadest way, from perimeter security to personal data safety, the applications of DAQ become limited only by the imagination of those thinking about scenarios. We already have military-standard sensors incorporated in our gadgets, like fingerprint readers on smart phones and laptops, and the internet of things is starting to become reality. Soon these devices will be interconnected to offer increased security and more peace of mind. A representative of a security systems company explains that compatibility and modularity of these sensors:

“[…] technology encompasses flexible monitoring and control devices that perform a wide range of functions, from simple portal supervision to the complex coordination of data from multiple exterior devices and intrusion detection sensors. The modular design of these devices enables DAQ engineers to design systems that directly match the requirements of virtually any security scenario and easily facilitate future expansion. Adding to the power of DAQ’s security solution is the ability to easily integrate sensors and devices from third-party manufacturers.”

Daqifi’s DAQ systems are advanced systems aimed to revolutionize data acquisition by making things simple, easy and offering the possibility to connect a large number of sensors, robots and surveillance equipment to the same central Wi-Fi unit. These cuts down on costs and increases the amount of data stored safely.