How Uptime and Downtime Affect Business Hosting

How Uptime and Downtime Affect Business Hosting

Every business needs a website.

The problem is a lot of businesses don’t have good web hosting. It takes a little bit of time and money to find the perfect host for your business. When purchasing hosting for your small business or personal website it’s important to consider a few of the following things.

Uptime and downtime

Uptime refers to the amount of time a Web server or a web post is functioning and able to help customers or visitors read information on line. Downtime refers to the amount of time I Web server or host is down and unable to be accessed by any particular visitor. It’s important to look at the different times and downtimes of hosts.

If you’re trying to find this kind of information you should look for country specific research that shows the different server speeds and also data centers. For example, if you live in Melbourne Sydney, or Western Australia you should look for reviews about the different uptimes and downtimes of Australian web hosts.

SSL or Online Security

Another big consideration when purchasing web posting is using the latest in online security. If you’re planning on taking online payments on your website for referring people to other websites for online payment you definitely need an SSL certified website. You might be wondering what is SSL, well let me explain it to you.

Basically SSL works by creating a secure tunnel between the web host and your visitors website browser. This protects their information and make sure that no third parties can access anything that they are viewing, buying or wanting to read about.

Now this is where it gets tricky, most web host will ask you for extra money or charges for SSL certificates. This is why it’s important to choose of my post that isn’t too expensive and also offers you free security upgrades like SSL and website back up. These are questions you need to ask when considering purchasing web posting.

Another important feature is speed.

Your web host speed should be reliable, fast and very predictable. This comes down to the type of hosting you are using. I recommend shared hosting for anyone that is looking for a reliable, cheap and easy to use hosting.

image showing a graph of hosting speeds from Sydney

Shared hosting works by sharing the server resources. Think about it like an apartment building, everyone in the apartment building shares a residence or a place within that building. No one person owns or controls the entire building, rather, it is shared between hundreds of individuals who use it collectively.

This is the same way that shared hosting works. Hope that was useful for everyone.

If you have a comment drop me a message at and I can help you find a host that is suitable for your needs. Thanks again to Lucas for the great content and helpful times for us.